Chef School & Wine Tasting

Chef School

Coma restaurant staff to arrange a chef schools to their customers. Chef School’s customer base may be 5-15 people. Chef school prepared with Italian dishes. Then enjoy the self-made dishes. The school’s cook time is approximately 3 hours and price includes the first drink, as well as coffee. The language of instruction may be Finnish, English or Italian.

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Wine Tasting

Restaurant Coma Program offering also includes a wine tasting. Wines Tasting care professionals in their field, and the opportunity to berelaxed. Wines to choose from three to six species and the wine can decide for themselves, sparkling, white, or red wines, and if necessary, although two of each wine quality. The event will include wine tasting of wines guided tour, guided pruuvin, product information, products and wines to taste. Come and spend a memorable evening wines. (Minimum of 5 persons)


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Maanantai - Torstai

klo 16:00 - 22:00

Perjantai - Lauantai

klo 15:00 - 23:00

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